Since 1998, Ali Craig has worked with brands, businesses, solo entrepreneurs, international speakers, best selling authors, and non profits helping them build solid relationships through their brands and with their customers. 

With a specialty in strategic intervention, neuro-emotional intelligence, and neuro- marketing - Ali has made a strategic shift on the foundation that is missing out of most people's lives, businesses, and brands - THE STORY.

Through her unique approach - the power of the story becomes inspirational, transformational, and empowering not just for your audience's professional lives, but for their personal lives as well. 

This holistic approach magnifies every action taken, creating accelerated success on all fronts, for all participants. 


15 minutes "TED Talk", 30 or 90 minutes live presentation, half or full day workshop, Fireside chats on various aspects of personal and brand stories.

Direct, honest, funny, and oh so on point- Ali Craig will leave your audience wanting more. From Mompreuners to a room of NYC's finest business owners, Ali Craig helps your audience get clear, get focused, and get rid of what is stopping the ultimate success they crave.  


Ali Craig's Speaking Topics Include:

  • Soul Seeker Entrepreneurs
  • Art of Storytelling
  • Personal Brand
  • Neuro- Emotional Relationship
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Creating Powerful Relationships On and Offline
  • Making Your Mark
  • Neuro-Marketing and Neuro-Branding


Pro bono presentations are available depending upon Ali's schedule.  


Storytelling has existed before the written word. It is how our brains are hardwired. And though we innately love and remember stories, there is an art to creating the perfect one.

Beyond the structure, a good story uses psychology, past memories, and our senses to fully engage us. This can be a challenge in the modern day of brevity.

It can be done when you add a little neuro science, some psychology and a lot of heart to the mix.

  • Train yourself to instinctually choose the right word to move your audience's human needs and heart
  • Learn the science behind what words turn on our brains and which ones turn it off
  • Master the art of setting the tone from the webpage to the rhythmical pattern of the words you use



Relationships are what make life great and this world tick.

Knowing how to create powerful relationships personally, professionally, and through your brand is an art as well as a science. 

  • Understand all the ways we communicate
  • Learn what you and others are really saying instantly
  • Speak a language tailored to each audience naturally and instantly
  • Create relationships with depth, connection, and value FAST
  • Translate all of this into your business and bank accounts.