"your heart. your message.

perfectly stated and designed." 

Ali Craig


The Co.

Ali Craig Co. is a lifestyle company supporting, developing, and promoting the modern artisan, soul seeker, and their lives’ work by rewriting and reprogramming the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we tell our clients through our work, brands, and relationships.

From non-profits to startups, Direct Sales Marketing leaders to product creators, authors to entrepreneurs, thought leaders to sales professionals; our clients have one thing in common- PASSION. 

We are ridiculously obsessed with getting our clients noticed for all the right reasons. We customize how we work with each client to their exact needs. Our team can be a team of one or 21 depending upon the needs of each client. 

We bring 30+ years of combined knowledge with regards to all things brand specializing in neuro-storytelling, brand experiences for staff and audience, and neurorelationship mentoring and design for personal, multiplatform, and lifestyle brands.



"We aren’t your typical anything- especially not the modern “brander.”" Ali Craig


our full time staffers


Alexis Welch

Born in Arizona raised in Seattle, Alexis Welch is our creative, organizing phenom. No matter if she is working directly with clients, reviewing videos before release, or brainstorming away with Ali, Alexis is a true creative badass.

A mom to her two kitty kids. This gluten free girl is the ultimate foodie.

Annie Verderame

Our social media maven, Annie Verderame, helps bring our brands to life with engaging content and witty community comments. 

This Arizona native volunteers religiously with animal welfare leagues across the Valley, as well as running a wildly successful Pilates practice.


Chris Lane

With the official title of "Director of Domestic Security" Chris Lane is our go to guy for holding down our Arizona offices.

This new Dad's laid back ways are the yin to our high energy yang. Plus he is the ultimate "Cat Nanny" keeping the rest of the Co. crew in line.


And the rest of the Co Home Office Crew.

For all the seekers of relationships and love, who know soul matters come in all areas of our lives- including our businesses. That we have one life to do it all: to evolve, to grow, to learn, to succeed, to influence, and to impact this great big rock called earth. And who know that the greatest way to do that is through the relationships we keep and the stories that we tell.
— Ali Craig