The heart of Ali Craig Co has always been Ali’s one on one work with her private clients. No matter if you are starting out, rebranding, or launching your 5th company- Ali Craig loves supporting fellow soul seekers get their message to their audience. All of Ali’s private clients begin with a 2.5 days intensive to jump start your work together and brand results.



  • You, Ali and the Co have a "Coffee Date." Here we will get to know you, your brand, your business, and your team. Bring us everything that is working, isn't working, and that you want to acheive.
  • After our "date" the team and I will get to work on creating a strategized approach that will get you and your brand past your blocks and on to your goals. 
  • Then it is you and Ali on an in person 2.5 day intensive in NYC or the city of your choice. Your 2.5 day intensives create a lot of positive momentum resolving previous blocks, clarifying/creating strategies and walking away with the items that will bring you in income and brand growth fast.



  • 24/7 access to Ali while all areas of the inital strategy approach is tested and implimented
  • Once a Private Client, you will receive lifetime brand access to Ali, her team, and our Little Black Book of resources. Yes, we said an LIFETIME!
  • Unlimited reviews of graphics, website, etc.
  • Access to Ali's Little Black Book of Resources. 
  • No more guessing on if "it" (your website, sales campaign, product, ebook, event) will work
  • 18 years worth of branding expereince from one of the leading experience based and neuro emotional branders for personal brands, multiplatform brands, and lifestyle companies
  • A sounding board for all the good, all the bad, and all the unforseen that arise in business
  • Guidance on how to navigate brand development, client retention, and overall growth
  • Quick answers and even faster results
  • Custom results, expertly vetted resources


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