Having an informal bio of your life and your work is a great way to show your smarts while showing your heart.

Creating a personal bio story is easy when you follow these 5 steps.


1. Say Hi.

Credit: Fox TV (via

Credit: Fox TV (via

Tell the world who you are super fast. Name and a very brief summary of what you are all about. Here is mine as an example.


I'm Ali. Entrepreneur, Writer, Producer, Creator, and lover of all things beautiful who is ridiculously driven for the "David's" of this world always win. 



2. Start With Your Roots.


Give your audience a snapshot of where you have been. Here is mine.


A Southern girl at heart who has always loved helping others be seen, I am honored to have helped Wall Street execs and Main Street Mamma’s bring their missions to the forefront of the mainstream consciousness.

Though the industries I work in are as diverse as my clients, non-profits to a new approach in healthy living, coaches, to product creators. The one commonality holds true - my clan, the peeps I am so driven to serve, are just as soul seeking as I am. They feel that heart/gut “must do” longing just like I do deep within my heart. And they that not succeeding, in what they were created for, is not an option.


3. Quote Yourself.  

This is the first transition in your story. Use your quote to highlight you, your method, something that makes your soul stir. Also make sure to visually make your quote stand out and don’t forget to credit yourself for saying such wise words.

Here is mine to get your creative juices flowing.


“What makes my approach work is that logistics are second and heart is first. ” — ALI CRAIG


4. Your Approach. 

In one to two sentences, sum up how you view your work, field, or industry.  Here is my one sentence summary on what I do.


Creating a brand, content marketing material, product launch, event experience or any other interaction- begins with you. (And you are very personal.)



5. Tell A Story.



Yes, tell a story inside your story. This can be a story about a client or something that happened while you working. Whatever it is, give a sneak peek to your reader about what you and working with you is like.

Here is my story within a story.


New clients laugh when they get their welcome box filled with a fab journal, candle, yummy chocolate, Starbuck’s gift card, and a rapid phone charger. Trust me, if you are creating a brand relationship and experience that will last and evolve- you are going to need it all.


6. Sum Yourself Up.



Lastly, share with your audience your “no matter what” mentality. This is the “no matter what” happens in the day, “no matter” how shitty life gets, “no matter what” is falling around you personally or professionally, this is what keeps you going.

Here is mine.


For me, no matter if I am training an organization, mentoring a new entrepreneur, or knee deep in the depths of a brand story overhaul- my heart and passion is for my client’s ultimate success and glory.



Follow these 6 steps and you will have a killer story that connects and makes you look like the rockstar you truly are. And to truly make your story shine, add some great pics of yourself in action.


Share with me your personal bio story below. I would love to read them.


And for you to read mine in its entirety, here it is.