Brand Strategy and Management Using Science and Psychology




Fill ALL areas of your life with experiences you LOVE. 


No matter what part of your life you look at- from your business to your professional life, to your personal life and your solo time- you want your day to be filled with experiences that you love, remember, and had a blast at.

.Let's face it, if everything you did, from work to play, could be a adventure filled party, that would be pretty AWESOME!


Experiential Brander
The choice is yours.
Do you want a life of commonalty that blends together or do you want your life and the people you love to live intensely,  fully engaged, and with memories that most only dream of?
 If this is you, then you want an 

Experience Driven Life & Business


Meet Ali Craig & Meet NERI™ 

"The revolutionary way to craft personal and professional experiences you  actually love."



Ali Craig

3x best selling author

Experience Based Relationship Cultivator

Certified Strategic Interventionist

Neuro-Emotional Relational Intelligence Strategist & Trainer




Ali Craig has been strategically crafting exceptional professional, brand, and personal experiences for over the last 16 years.

With her proprietary, NERI™ Method’s unique blend of science, psychology, and understanding of our innate human needs- Ali is a sought after consultant, trainer, and mentor by the leaders of Marriott, Arbonne, Silpada, C- level execs on Wall Street, international speakers and multi-best selling authors who want their lives, business, and customers' experiences to be more than the ordinary.

Ali's work can be seen regular on national TV shows such as The List, across stages such as Tory Johnson's Spark and Hustle, and in your local book store.


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